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    Another lingerie editorial… dearWOLF!!

  2. Some lovely creatures i sketched 

  3. New sketches

    Barbra - Belinda - Lana

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    Dior Suite at the Majestic Hotel


  5. Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

    Alone in the dark he stared at me, peering out from behind the trees. I did not see him but felt his glare, we were all warned to be aware.

    He licked his lips and closed on in, feeling a feast was about to begin. As I turned I saw my fate, knowing now it was all too late.

    Mr Wolf had finally found a little child not safe nor sound. But as I scream my final breath, he decides today no death. He pinned me down, looked in my eyes, telling me no one will hear my cries. He made a promise, sealed my fate. Just one more year he has to wait.

    For when he feasts on me next year he would like to have me poisoned with fear.

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  7. Lady Gaga

  8. Be Prepared 

  9. Tom Ford

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  11. Vogue

  12. Masters of the Universe

  13. Girl B-Grade Camp horror

  14. from the depths 2

  15. From the depths